Jill, 60

"A visit to Rachel is an experience like no other. Every one of your senses is attended to in a cozy and caring atmosphere. The spa-like bedding and surroundings enhance any medical treatment you may receive and if you just want an indulgent self-care session, you will love her ceremonial work. Rachel is an intuitive acupuncturist, amazing massage therapist and gifted herbalist who loves what she does, and it shows!"

Mary, 32

"Compassionate Medicine is a dream come true! I saw Rachel weekly for a variety of health issues, most notably infertility, and she was a lifesaver. She performed acupuncture, used tinctures, herbs and other healing methods that made me feel pampered and reduced stress. She also prescribed a litany of supplements that really made a difference in my overall health. Not to mention that Rachel is super personable, sweet, kind and genuinely cares about her patients on a persona level. I would highly recommend anyone who needs support for whatever ails them, even if it's just a quiet hour every once and a while to relax, reflect and feel completely taken care of!"

Carolyn, 57

"This woman is amazing she has completely cured my restless leg syndrome. She has also helped with knee problems, intestinal blockage and even a stiff jaw. Her stopping my restless leg syndrome is life changing. Thank you!"

Danya, 35

“Working with Rachel is a delight in every way. She is incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced with all kinds of special credentials, but her rare quality of care is made up of so much more than the letters after her name. I believe that it is her kindness, her very gentle compassion, her loving touch and her humor that really make the difference in the healing journey”

Melody, 55

“Several years ago, as I was struggling with hormonal changes, I began to see Rachel Fisher. During the worst of it, I was seeing her monthly. What a relief as my MD was unable to help me at that time. Through her knowledge of the body and Chinese medicine, I was able to get complete relief.”

Kelly, 35

"Being a healer myself, I am quite discerning in choosing others to work on me. Rachel's ceremonial botanical body work session was unlike anything I have experienced before. It was a combined consultation, massage, acupuncture, cupping, smudging, herbal oils and salts, essential oils, live plants and flowers, and working with intentions. She held the space very sweetly, deeply listening with grounded presence. It was a potent kick off, to what has been a continual thread of healing experiences. Rachel is a very skilled healer and lovely person, I highly recommend her healing work!"

Avani, LPC, CACIII, 50

"Rachel’s skilled work with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and bodywork reaches further than pure talk therapy ever could. She is tremendously skilled, intuitive, approachable, and does her work with heart. I highly recommend her!"

Molly, 25

“Rachel is not only incredibly knowledgeable and healing, but as a mother herself, she brings something special to her practice. She helped me through all the changes that occur during pregnancy both mentally and physically. Every time I left I felt more balanced and rejuvenated.”